December 8, 2023

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Pop faces of the early 1980s

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Pop faces of the early 1980s

Three magazines from my huge archive of 80s stuff – Record Mirror featuring Blondie, My Guy with Steve Strange and No.1 magazine with the faces of 1983.  Record Mirror was a good music mag but it never inspired the tribal loyalty that attached to the NME, Melody Maker and Sounds.

In the late 70s, it would publish painted images of pop stars, some of which I’ve framed as they were rather fetching. The mag closed down in 1991 but bizarrely, the name was bought by Giovanni di Stefano – an Italian lawyer most famous for being on Saddam Hussein’s legal defence team!


4 thoughts on “Pop faces of the early 1980s

  1. Some great reading here. Fascinated by the 1980s – particularly the Thatcher in UK/Reagan in America part (1981-89). Was very into the anti-Thatcher stance, but also enjoyed the ponced-up fashions of the decade and droll ironic humour of the yuppie years. The impact of ’80s fashions on me has sadly lasted – I am still likely to appear at parties looking like a Miami Vice reject!

    1. I think it’s hilarious how the early 80s has revived a bit in the current vogue for severe haircuts. And if it wasn’t for 2tone/ska check patterns, Vans wouldn’t have sold millions of sneakers. What hasn’t come back though are pleated trousers for guys. The sixteen pleat Bowie pants of 1981 are definitely consigned to the history books!

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