December 4, 2023

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Three Decades of History with TV historian Tony McMahon

The look of new technology in 1983!

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New technology in 1983 involved TVs with text services, washing machines with computer chips and a new generation of microwave ovens
1980s technology

New technology in 1983 involved text services on TV, the latest in computers and the first stab at selfie photo hardware.

Below are adverts and one competition feature from SHE magazine in December 1983 – discovered in my 80s archives. A good spread of new technology from that year. 1983 was the year that a company called Apple launched a computer called Lisa with 1MB of RAM.

The year before saw CD-Roms hit the market as a way of distributing music courtesy of Philips and Sony. And would you believe that Microsoft Word was introduced in 1983.

Adverts for 1983 new technology

Looking at the adverts below, we have a computer inside your washing machine, a Sunday roast done in your microwave and the latest in hi-tec cameras. The camera advertised below is a Minolta.

That company’s cameras were taken into space with the Apollo missions and the company partnered with Leica on its lenses. It was later merged with Konica then swallowed up by Sony.

The gap-toothed man pointing at the microwave is “comedian” Jimmy Tarbuck – not a favourite of mine hence the speech marks – and the legendary Diana Dors is the heavily airbrushed lady. She died in 1984. Once a British screen diva, she had a starring role in the Adam and the Ants video forĀ Prince Charming.

Looking back, I notice that women are still deemed to be kitchen slaves, TV technology in 1983 was starting to resemble what we have today and computers were still for nerds. How far we have come!

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