December 8, 2023

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Thatcher funeral – my photos taken today

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My photos from Thatcher's funeral today

While I was out buying a sandwich during a work break, I couldn’t help noticing a military procession of some sort. It was the funeral of Margaret Thatcher and it was coming my way. I whipped out my camera and took these shots. While the crowds may have been four or five deep around Whitehall and St Paul’s, there weren’t that many around as her coffin moved up the Strand. This certainly wasn’t a funeral on the scale of Winston Churchill or with anything like the same level of public affection.

And it’s very noticeable that there’s no great clamour to put up a statue to Thatcher or any kind of grand memorial. Her divisiveness lives on! As I gazed at her coffin, I felt very little for somebody who dominated our lives so much in the 1980s.

But she will always reside in our memories – and on this blog!


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